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In the simulator driving sessions we will help our Clients improve their driving skills and race strategy using different operating modes and technologies. Thanks to the accuracy of our physical models of cars and  tracks, we offer pilots and teams the possibility to prepare themselves at the top for the real races, simulating in the most accurate way and always customized to their specific needs.

The Wave Apex simulator has all the best technology for maximum effectiveness of pro training: 220 ° FOV all-round screen, 4 meters in diameter and 2.5 meters in height, real-time telemetry and a specific motion system for the body and for active belts.

Competition Training
Telemetry real time 

A quite useful option offered by WAVE PROFESSIONAL TRAINING CENTER is the presence of two simulators connected to each other, which will allow the pilot to train in “competition mode”, thus training also the strong psycho-physical stress, typical in car racing.

This kind of training is essential to improve reaction-time and concentration even in the most complicated moments in a race, such as the start, study-phases of an opponent, overtaking strategies, defense of the position and especially the final racing moments. A second real driver in this case is more coaching than a software simulated competitor.

Real time telemetry with over 70 channels then allows you to analyze a large amount of data to improve even the smallest driving details.

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Wave Professional
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Driver Coach


Wave Italy provides a Driver Coach that, thanks to the latest live-timing telemetry and other state-of-the-art tools, may suggest behaviors and strategies for dealing with a circuit, or correct any errors in real time and imperfections of the pilot’s driving technique. Once back on the real track, this wealth of experience and training will optimise many activities to be done.

Among the Coaches who support you, Marco Zipoli is World Champion in Kart Endurance and has much more in the palmares, he has coached and trained many important drivers, he has also been an F1 test driver for the Ferrari team.

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