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Simulating the driving in a racing car can be done at different levels. But if you look for a situation where understeer, braking on the limit, a sudden acceleration with a turbo engine, can return the exact reactions of a car on the track, then you need professional equipment, quite different and far today, from traditional video games.

This is precisely what the new Wave Racing Simulation Center offers, where 6 dynamic stations allow you to meet up with friends and get excited about driving in the most famous circuits.

This top level experience is guaranteed by:

  • a pedal-set that allows brake pressure up to 100 kg.
  • a throttle pedal that reacts with the same promptness required among the real curbs.
  • a steering wheel with all the functions a real pilot uses, including braking distribution, level of traction control and various data that you can choose to display on the color display of the steering wheel itself.
  • dynamic GT-stations able to faithfully reproduce the main movements and reactions of a racing car.

All this requires highly specialized materials, hardware, software and real driving simulation know-how, areas in which Wave Italy has progressively specialized and improved over the years.

You can train alone or together with your friends, to perform group competitions, even connected via web to other SIM Racer, in other parts of the world, watching then the whole race in the mega screen of the hall.

The location is also available for private and corporate events, for example for a new and great team building experience.

This area is adjacent to the one where the real professional pilots train on simulators in Formula categories – the Professional Training Center – and is therefore only accessible on reservation, when professional training is not in progress.

On the other hand, it also possible to attend special driving courses at various levels, to learn techniques and competitive driving strategy, helped by a coach who will give valuable advice in line with the ability level.

  • A basic level is oriented to start having a precise idea of how to set the best trajectory, to understand the right braking point and which gear to use in a sequence of bends and curves.
  • At higher levels and for already-experienced, you will learn, for example, how to face a group starting or how to defend a position in the race. At top level you get to understand, using the feelings transmitted by the simulator, which is the best compound for a given type of asphalt, at a given temperature and for a sprint or an endurance race.
  • Courses are also available to switch from GT to professional simulators for F1 and other Formula categories,

Choose the Wave Racing Simulator Center and live the opportunity to spend unforgettable moments, using the best simulation technology, the real controls used by real pilots, for a driving feedback that will make the whole experience a really exciting one.

At Eau Rouge di Spa it’s not enough to “have a good way”!

You also need the best simulation peripherals.
Come and try the Wave Italy ones!

It's not just
a steering wheel

Modern Formula 1 cars are the most sophisticated in the world, electronic controls are responsible for managing the entire car, while on-board systems are 10 times more powerful than those used to send the first man into space.

The tool in the hands of pilots, which allows to handle all this information is the steering wheel, which contains so many buttons it could give an aircraft pilot a hard time.

Brake Pedal Unit with ultra realistic reaction

The pedal is made entirely of aluminum for maximum strength and precision. The ergonomic adjustment is fully customizable.

The inclination of each pedal as well as the position of the pedal stand can be adjusted by the user; it is also possible to set the distance between the pedals, for an experience of complete customized driving.

Wave Racing Simulation Center can also be booked for Corporate Events, Team Building sessions, Press Conferences and private parties. We look forward to welcome you.

Enzo Bonito @ Wave Professional Training Center
“The feeling of the simulator is sensational” The Esport Champion Enzo Bonito visited our Wave Professional Training Center, watch the interview
Fabrizio Donoso @ Wave Professional Training Center
“It’s really amazing. Real drivers can improve their skills with this”. The Esport Champion Fabrizio Donoso visited our Wave Professional Training Center, watch the interview

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